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The first week back at work was easier than I thought. There were no tears or jitters as I stepped away from my sleeping tot to get started on my first day back at corporate. There were no angsty moments in the middle of the workday. I thought I’d burst into the ladies’ room during lunchtime and cry, but I didn’t. I guess I underestimated myself. It feels right to be back at work. It feels right to be back to the daily grind, no matter how much I want to stay home and just cuddle with my son. It feels right for me, anyway.

First coffee on my first day. Heigh ho!
First cup of coffee on my first day at work

deciding everything is falling into place perfectly as long as you don’t get too picky about what you mean by place. Or perfectly. StoryPeople

Spot on, StoryPeople. Spot on.

It was weird coming home during the first few evenings. My son would totally ignore me. He’d make a beeline for my husband, but barely glance at me. My family would tell him, “Kiss Mommy!” but he’d shake his head and go “Nooooo.” That lasted for 3 days. I was even able to eat a full dinner before he warmed up. Then our reunion was super sweet. Now he’s good. He’d be jumping when I’d come home from work. Definitely the highlight of my day.

Folks ask me, “So what made you decide to go back to work?” A lot of reasons fill my head. There’s economics, of course. There’s the fact that my son is growing up. There’s my desire to sharpen my skills. There are many reasons.

“It was time,” I’d respond. Yep. Sometimes you just know when you want to, when you have to do something. In this case, yup, it was time. The moment I stepped into our office building, I knew it was the right decision.

That was Week 1. We’ve got a long way to go, and so far, it still feels right. Let’s see how this goes. :)

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