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Holiday Movie Night

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Whatever movie we watch, we always make sure we are in cozy movie night mode! The best part about movie nights is getting to snuggle up in bed with my family. Holiday movie night will be the same! The bedroom lights will be dimmed. Our pillows will surround us, making us feel like we’re in a nest. We’ll all share one blanket to keep us warm and toasty. We’d be in our favorite PJs. Casper sent me a personalize holiday movie night essentials checklist, which includes my holiday movie of choice for this week! Read more…

Hallmark Christmas Gifts

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This Hallmark Christmas gift wrap pad is a very organized way to get started on your giftwrapping!

Hallmark is a brand I immediately associate with greeting cards. Their tagline used to go “When you care enough to send your very best.” :) But more than just greeting cards, Hallmark is a gifting brand. During my Christmas preparations this year, I got to experience the joy of a Hallmark Christmas from gift-wrapping to the gift itself! Here’s what I’ve been loving so far about my Hallmark Christmas gifting. Read more…

Humabi Bags: Bags for a Cause

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Humabi is a Filipino word for “weave”. All Humabi bags are made out of plastic straw ropes that are handwoven by the women at the correctional institution of Davao City, who are mostly mothers. Every bag bought helps the livelihood program of these women and a portion of the proceeds go to the scholar students of Philippine Science High School. Read more…

My 5 Dream Homes on Property24

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Can you imagine having breakfast here? I sure can. Bring on the fresh fruits! And bacon! And morning cocktails!

I signed up for Property24 to indulge in one of my favorite online activities: house-hunting. These are homes in the Philippines so, who knows, perhaps my dreams will become even closer to reality. *kilig* Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Dream Homes from the site, from BGC to the beach!  Read more…

Beach Cottage Love

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This has GOT to be my favorite home featured on Houzz. I can totally imagine living here. Beachy, coastal, casual, cozy — I love it. My Houzz: Casual Comfort on the Coast To avoid getting overwhelmed by work, I go “home-hopping” online. This Long Beach family home tour was just what I needed today. Don’t […] Read more…

Condo Cleaning: Home Clean Home

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Condo Cleaning By Home Clean Home

When my husband and I used to live in a condo, one of my big concerns was cleaning. I struggle with dusting and mopping and all — I’d take washing a whole pile of dishes ANY DAY over scrubbing floors. So our condo was a little dusty and occasionally clean. Haha. A friend of mine recently put up up this Condo Cleaning service — it’s called Home Clean Home. Loving the name AND the services! Read more…

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