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This is a thank you note for all those who’ve been subscribing to this blog, those who’ve grown with this blog, those who continue to land on this blog via Google (who knew my recipe for Bagiuo Petchay with Squid Balls would be a top post?), those who continue to ask me about it. Blogging was a huge outlet for me to share frustrations and dreams, learnings as a newlywed then later on as a Mom, then later on trying to balance motherhood with corporate life. I’ve made so many friends through this blog, some of whom I still keep in touch with through Instagram.

I’m not actively blogging here anymore. Perhaps not right now. Perhaps I’ll pick it up again later on. I’m just keeping the space up to continue helping those who continue searching for how to file for SSS maternity benefits (another top post), or malling in a wheel chair (also a top post; I had shared my experience of getting around MOA while heavily pregnant!).

I do miss blogging. I do miss writing. Perhaps we’ll meet again and that time it’ll be an evolution of this blog. Who knows, right? Time is fluid. The world is fluid. Life is fluid. :)

I’ve definitely grown over the past 15 years the blog has been up. (Crazy! 15!) I reread past posts and cringe or laugh. I’ve changed my points of view on several things, readjusted how I’m going about life, but the main anchors remain the same: family is love, joy fuels everything, and I am me beyond marriage and motherhood. <3

If you’d like to connect, the comments section still works, and my Wifely Steps Facebook is still up.

Again, thanks for sticking around, for checking in now and then. I appreciate it. See you soon. See you later. See you around. :)

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