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4 Rules to Bringing Work Home

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Bringing Work Home

There are times when I have to bring my work home. I’ve been trying to cut down on that, to spend more quality time with the family, and have been successful. Whew. I understand that there will be times that when you just have to bring home a bunch of papers to review or answer e-mail. I also acknowledge your desire to find that balance of family time when at home! So for those moments when you can’t help but bring work home home, here are some tips and techniques that have worked for me.
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Waking Up Together

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Waking up together would be lovely. Can a working Mom handle it? It’s all about perspective. After spending 4 days at home with my 4-year-old (stayed home on Friday to care for my sick son, then there was the weekend, and then a replacement leave for Monday), it was time for me to go back […] Read more…

To infinity and beyond

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The first week back at work was easier than I thought. There were no tears or jitters as I stepped away from my sleeping tot to get started on my first day back at corporate. There were no angsty moments in the middle of the workday. I thought I’d burst into the ladies’ room during […] Read more…


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What are you doing on 12/12/12? * 2013 is going to rock. At the same time, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach that won’t go away. I’m doing my best to ignore them but they’re going bat-crazy and flapping their wings like they’re on a caffeine buzz. I’m going back to corporate in the first […] Read more…