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Roasted Yellow Bell Peppers Recipe

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Roasted yellow bell peppers are so good. You can have them as appetizers to a meal, simply snack on them or stir them into a vegetable dish for a boost of sweetness. Don’t have an oven for roasting? No worries! You can use a toaster oven to roast bell peppers too! Here’s how we roasted yellow bell peppers. Read more…

Leek and Mushroom Scramble

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Leek and Mushroom Scramble

Leek and mushrooms. There’s something inherently comforting about the combination of those two. Add in scrambled eggs and voila, you’ve got yourself a comfort dish. You can have this for breakfast. You can have this for dinner too!  Read more…

How To Drink More Water

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How to drink more water

I’ve been drinking a lot less water lately, and I could see its effects on my skin. My face was drying out. I felt like my skin was turning (50 shades of) grey. When I’m stressed out, I tend to drink a lot more coffee and go light on the water intake — a big no-no. To motivate myself to hydrate more, I’ve started making my water taste a little better. Read more…

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