Make One Person Happy


Make Someone Happy

Make one person happy each day — even if it’s yourself. What a heartwarming reminder! We came upon this little quote when we had lunch at Mary Grace Cafe. I love that cafe. The interiors are so cozy. It’s rustic and eclectic — mismatched cups and saucers, crochet doilies, random picker-upper notecards.

Mary Grace is known for its soft to the bite ensaymadas (sweet, buttered soft bread rolls) and hot chocolate. But they also serve delicious food. I have a fondness for their Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta, but during my last visit I got this dish instead:

Leek and Saffron with Fillet of Cream Dory

Leek and Saffron with Fillet of Cream Dory

It was so good. I savored every morsel of cream dory. I used my garlic bread to sop the sauce from the place. The hint of lemon gave the dish a refreshing twist. I super loved it. I’m definitely ordering this again.

Make one person happy even if it’s yourself. I definitely made one person happy that lunch time — me! :)


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