The First Aid Cabinet


I’m not kidding, we really have a First Aid cabinet, though we haven’t mounted it on the wall yet. It’s just settled on top of one of those boxes we have in our living room (which is filled with lots of other stuff that we have yet to fix… but that’s another story.)

Our First Aid Cabinet is filled with all kinds of medicine – from the usual Ponstan, Advil and Biogesic tablets, to Diatabs, cotton balls, Betadine, band-aid strips, to lots more… even Chinese watermelon powder that’s used to cure mouth sores or singaw. It’s been very, very helpful because we’ve suffered the occasional knife cuts (mostly H’s) while cooking, headaches, stomachaches… and the First Aid Cabinet’s just a walk away from the kitchen.Super helpful. It’s a great way to organize all the emergency medication.

When H cut himself, I rushed to the F.A.C. and immediately got cotton and betadine. After washing his cut with Safeguard, I went into nurse mode, cleaned his cut with Betadine and cotton then wrapped it with a band-aid. My knees were shaking because I hate blood, but a wife’s gotta do what a wife’s gotta do. That was one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had. Heehee.

So yes, do not underestimate the importance of a first aid cabinet!!!

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