Learn to Love Something HE Loves!


So you may never have been into cars, tennis or basketball. But taking an interest in what HE likes is one way to keep the sparks alive in your marriage!

I was never into toys for little boys. I’m talking Masked Rider, Voltes V, X-Men and Marvel superheroes. I was a girly girl when I was a kid so my playthings either had long hair, pink ribbons or different pictures on their bellies (guess what characters I’m referring to!). H loves this little toy shop in QC. It’s a Sunday tradition to go there and spend two hours going through crates of these little robots and Star Wars figurines. I used to look at the girly stationery and let him do the toy-hunting on his own; how was I to know what a cool robot was and what wasn’t?

That changed when he asked me to hoard the crates with him. He wanted to share his love for robots and anime figurines with me. How could I resist a little boy’s plea? So one Sunday I knelt down beside him and sifted through loads of little toys. It was pretty tiresome at first. A robot is a robot is a robot. Then I started finding little trinkets myself. Little Doraemon toys. What looked like anime collectible figurines (I don’t know what they’re called, they just looked cute). I started hunting for what H wanted to collect: Disney figurines. I found an inch-tall mini Princess Aurora plastic doll. What a find! I started to love toy hoarding and now I know who Masked Rider is.

Sundays aren’t complete without trips to that toy store. And trips to that toy store aren’t fun if we don’t go together. We found another way to bond AND we found a way to bring out the kids in us. We’re looking forward to Sundays at the toy store with a future baby H or baby Wifely. Haha!

As for my interests, well, H has discovered the beauty of foot spas (in fact, he invites me to have foot spas more often than I invite him!), the phenomenon that is Friendster (thanks to my love of online communication) and the benefit of exfoliating. 😀

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