Sugar Lily Cupcakes: Spreading the Sweetness


Sugar Lily Cupcakes are awesome! I’m a big fan of cupcakes, and it’s been awhile since I’ve tasted a really good one. I liked the Choco Yema cupcake from my previous blog entry, but truthfully, a really good chocolate cupcake is hard to find. Tetet of Sugar Lily Cupcakes, a start-up cupcake business, approached me to try their cupcakes. After some correspondence, we were all set to meet for some cupcakes love!

Sugarlily Cupcakes

Aren’t they pretty? I brought a set of Sugar Lily Cupcakes to my life coaching meeting. I wanted my friends to try it! The cupcakes we tried came in two flavors: red velvet and chocolate. These are also Sugar Lily’s bestsellers.

I loved a lot of things about Sugar Lily.

#1: Their name. I’ve always been drawn to the name “Lily”, so much so that if ever I have a baby girl, Lily would be part of her name. Tetet shares that the brand name is a homage to their mom (Lily), who is their family’s backbone. Sweet!

Sugar Lily started when Kat, Tetet’s sister, began sharing her cupcake creations during Sunday family dinners. Cupcakes batches would vary weekly – from classic kids’ favorites like chocolate to experimental flavors like S’mores. Tetet also served her sister’s cupcakes during her kids’ birthday parties or gifted the cupcakes during the holidays. The cupcakes must have been really awesome as her friends began asking about them. That’s when they branded their business Sugar Lily.

#2. The look. Don’t the cupcakes look so dainty and elegant? So pretty! One friend shared these cupcakes looked like Tiffany cupcakes.

Sugar Lily Cupcakes

#3. The frosting. When I saw the frosting, I assumed it was the type of frosting you’d have to bite into. I’m not a big fan of frosting like that! So I was pleasantly surprised when I easily bit into the cupcake, coating my whole upper lip with blue frosting. Indulgent, delicious and lip-smacking gooooood.

#4. The cupcakes themselves. They were so moist and delicious! My friends were also big fans of the cupcakes. The cupcakes were gone when the meeting was over. Some were asking where I got the cupcakes. Nice one, Sugar Lily! When I asked Sugar Lily what sets their cupcakes apart from others, they said they bake upon customers’ orders so customers are sure to get freshly-baked cupcakes every single time. :) Totally adding Sugar Lily Cupcakes to my list of all-time favorite cupcakes!

Sugar Lily’s other regular flavors include: vanilla, mocha and choco-banana. Special flavors include carrot-walnut, oreo, malunggay and matcha.

I asked Tetet, if I were to choose only 1 flavor from Sugar Lily Cupcakes, what would it be? It would definitely be Red Velvet, especially for those who like their cupcakes tried and tested. But for the more adventurous sweet tooths, it would be their malunggay cupcakes.

Sugarlily Cupcakes

Interested in trying out Sugar Lily Cupcakes? Here are their contact details:

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  1. A Gracious Life
    September 2, 2014 at 9:42 am (10 years ago)

    I love the name too! Sugar Lily. Reminds of the haughty but charming Tiger Lily. => The look is also so appealing because it’s neat and nice.
    A Gracious Life´s last blog post ..It’s the Captain’s Birthday!


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