Marriage Prayer on Snoring


A marriage prayer on snoring? When I first stumbled upon it, I giggled. Then I read through the prayer and took my giggles back.

Marriage Prayer

It is true. Snoring can get in the way of a good night’s sleep, especially for those sharing the bed with you.

More importantly, replace the word “snoring” with other little annoyances. The prayer will still hold. “Leaving laundry on the floor.” “Forgetting to turn off the lights in the other room.” “Letting the toilet paper roll under and not over.”

I am thankful that I get to share these little things with my husband. It seems like only yesterday when I’d be surprised by his habits. Now his habits are second-nature to me too.

But relationships are not without little annoyances, and that’s when we should be more aware of ourselves. My husband snores sometimes. Before, I’d get super irritated. Now, I just roll him on his side and then voila, no more snoring. Evening peace is achieved.

There are worse things than snoring that can bother you in a marriage. But just because it’s a little thing, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about it. Talk to a doctor or a sleep expert if the snoring is getting out of hand, just in case medical help is needed. If, on the other hand, your spouse just had a really long and tiring day, embrace patience joyfully, and respectfully let your spouse get the rest she or he needs. :)

Thanks to for this wonderful prayer!

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  1. Ann
    September 24, 2014 at 9:08 pm (9 years ago)

    Thanks for this article. My husband has been snoring for years, until he started to use these nasal strips. What a relief. Once you convince your partner to use them (and this can take a while :)), your short nights are over. I found this website with info on how they work really useful:



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