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Marriage Prayer on Snoring

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A marriage prayer on snoring? When I first stumbled upon it, I giggled. Then I read through the prayer and took my giggles back. {Credit:} It is true. Snoring can get in the way of a good night’s sleep, especially for those sharing the bed with you. More importantly, replace the word “snoring” with […] Read more…

You know me so well

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Husband: “What do you want for breakfast?” Me: “I’m good; no need.” Husband: “No, you need to eat.” (heads towards McD’s drive-thru) Me: “I’ll have a Sausage McMuffin.” Husband: “Pfft. You need rice.” Me: “I won’t be able to finish it!!!” Husband: “Let’s get you the longganisa meal.” Me: “No I don’t like longganisa today.” […] Read more…

10 life lessons from 10 years of marriage

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Leave the room looking neat and a little more organized. Remember that you’re playing on the same team. Just because you’re parents it doesn’t mean you stop being husband and wife. Be each other’s biggest health coach. Keep laughing together. Take pictures together. Forgive and move forward. Keep your voice down. Cuddle. Do new things […] Read more…