Keeping kids safe (Bubble wrap not included)


When you become a Mom, you begin looking at the world through a magnifying glass. What ingredients are in this jar of baby food? Has this toy been disinfected? Does my baby’s laundry soap leave residue on his clothes? I’m pretty much relaxed when I take care of myself, but when it comes to my son I become super picky, super careful. When Timmy was an infant, I recall thinking that if I could just wrap him in bubble wrap I would.

Baby in bubble wrap
(Image by Jamie h)

Instead of protecting him with bubble wrap, I protected him by reading up on the best things I can nurture him with. The most nurturing kind of safety was the name of the game. I devoured books like What to Expect: The First Year, I subscribed to newsletters from various baby sites, looking forward to weekly news and tips. I wrote to my Mommy friends and asked for advice, reading their replies over and over once they hit my inbox. I read up on Mommy blogs and noted their product recommendations. There was no such thing as information overload. Reading was one of the best ways for me to understand which products and activities I would progress with for my son. Reading was my way of bubble-wrapping.

What I’m realizing now is that I’m becoming less picky as Timmy grows up, enabling him to explore more minus the super tight Mommy reins. However, there are a couple of items I don’t compromise on. One of them is his drinking water. I’m still very careful that way, and I’m glad that there are brands like Wilkins Distilled that are committed to providing the safest drinking water. Safe drinking water is one of my non-negotiables. It’s bubble wrap.

What are your non-negotiables as a Mother? What are the things you don’t compromise on for your kids? Tell fellow Moms your story and it could become the inspiration for a short film.

Here are some guidelines for submission: (a) Story should be 400 words or less, (b) Topic is on how you give your family the best love and care (e.g. the challenges, sacrifices and choices you’ve made), (c) Can be written in English, Tagalog or Taglish, (d) Only mothers aged 18 and above can submit their stories, (e) Submit your story at (or click on the image above). 5 stories will be chosen for publication in Smart Parenting magazine and 1 story will be turned into a 10-minute short film aired on TV.

Sharing your story with the world isn’t your only prize! Writers of the 5 selected stories for publishing will each receive Php5,000 cash and Php5,000 gift certificates for Wilkins products. The grand winner will receive Php10,000 cash and P5,000 gift certificates for Wilkins products.

Let’s learn from one another. We can’t keep our kids in bubble wrap, but learning from fellow Moms can also help protect them. You know my story. I’d love to hear yours!

*Some talking points suggested by sponsors but story and opinions written are mine.

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