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Tokyo Bubble Tea: What we ate, what we loved

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Tokyo Bubble Tea has the best Takoyaki I’ve tasted. (Qualifier: I’ve only tasted takoyaki from mall kiosks.) Takoyaki is a popular Japanese snack — a pan-grilled dumpling with diced octopus. Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Takoyaki is slightly crispy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside. It’s deliciously tasty and addicting. One order of 8 […] Read more…

Raising a happy reader

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Want to raise a happy reader? Place books in every room of your home. My sisters and I grew up in a home full of books. Books weren’t confined to bookshelves, though I’m sure my Mama would have preferred that to prevent clutter! There were books on bedside tables. On the coffee table. Crammed into […] Read more…

Be your best self today

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Today, be your best self. Best is not making sure your back is always straight, or that your hair is parted neatly. Best is not a shirt that’s wrinkle-free, or covering your mouth when you laugh in the middle of the crowd. Celebrate what makes you happy. It’s when your happiest that you’re at your […] Read more…

How I became an eBook convert

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My Mom loaned me one of her Kindles after she got one of the newer models. This Kindle has been with me since the beginning of the year and I’ve already read 5 books. That’s a milestone for me, having not read more than 5 last year. I was a bit resistant to eBooks in […] Read more…

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