The Rug Pull


The Rug Pull: When you’re thrown off your feet unexpectedly because the rug was pulled out from under you forcibly, suddenly. This is often met with a thump of the butt on the floor with a “Holy crap, that hurt!” or you’re also knocked out of your senses, feeling like you hit your noggin as well with Tweety birds dancing around your head.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of those Rug Pull moments with my son. He’d do something that would make me go “Holy crap, this kid is growing up so fast!” while at the same time making me see Tweety birds. Sometimes I’d want to burst out in tears because he’s not a baby anymore, while at the same time I feel so proud that he’s becoming more and more empowered. Either way I still want to cry.

Rug Pull Moment #1: The Midnight Snack
He was seated on his high chair, munching on some cookies. He would dunk his cookies in a bowl of milk, feed himself, then reach for his cup of water when thirsty. I sat quietly beside him, watching my son feast on his midnight snack on his own without help from me. When he finished his meal, he looked at me and said “Done!” All I did was help him down from his high chair, which soon will be no longer high at all.

When I was watching him eat with such precision — back straight, hands expertly breaking off cookies without getting his fingers too deep in milk — I was in awe. I felt the world freeze and saw only my son moving, only my son growing up second by second before my eyes.

Rug Pull Moment #2: The ID Picture
Timmy starts school this June, and part of his enrolment requirements is a 1X1 ID picture. “Oh no, how are we going to make him sit still for a minute in a studio, let alone bring him into a studio?!” This was his first time to have his picture taken professionally. Bright lights, a single stool in the middle of the room, a stranger with a camera — I was already anticipating a tantrum or a least twenty minutes of resistance before he felt comfortable with the alien environment.

His photo shoot lasted all of 3 minutes.

He sat on the stool by himself, smiled wonderfully for the camera, and when he was done bounced off the seat and into my arms, ready for his next adventure.

I still had Tweety birds flying around my head as we walked out the studio.

Rug Pull Moment #3: The Party Host
We joined a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt yesterday. Before the hunt, all the kids were gathered in a gazebo while the party host shouted rules and reminders over a microphone. It was hot, crowded and quite noisy. My son usually cries in loud places. He doesn’t like loud clapping, loud singing and loud voices over microphones.

It was different yesterday. He was fine with all the kinds around him, even reaching out to one of the neighborhood kids to hold hands. When the party host shouted “ARE YOU READY?!?!”, I looked at my son quickly to see if he would cry at the loud voice. His eyes were wide open. When the host shouted again “ARE YOU READY?!?”, I looked at my son and asked him, “Are you ready?” He looked at me, a little unsure but a tad excited, and said, “Yesh.”

The barricades were brought down, the kids began to run, and so did my son as we went looking for eggs hidden in the bushes. Yesh, he was ready. Yesh, he was happy. Yesh, he was uncertain about the loud crowd but there was none of the usual tears, tantrums or hands clasped over his ears.

The rug was pulled out suddenly from under me again, and this time Easter eggs joined Tweety birds as they partied around my noggin.

Green grass below our feet. Helps cushion rug pulls, I believe.

He’s only 3, so I expect tons more rug pulls all the way till I’m old and grey. They may leave me breathless, but they also make me feel so happy for my growing boy. So bring on the surprises, bring on the rug pulls. I’ll be partying along with the Tweety birds dancing ’round my noggin.

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  1. Adam
    April 8, 2023 at 11:52 pm (1 year ago)

    When life unexpectedly knocks you off your feet, it can feel like a sudden and forceful pull of the rug from under you. The impact can be jarring, causing you to land on your butt with a painful thump, leaving you to utter an exclamation like “Holy crap, that hurt!”

  2. Wilson
    May 17, 2023 at 6:47 pm (1 year ago)

    He’d do something that would make me go “Holy crap, this kid is growing up so fast!” while at the same time making me see Tweety birds. to glue leather


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