Summer Goddess (A Short Story)


Summer Goddess

Jamie sped through the streets, imagining she had fairy wings. It changed to wings of fire, then later shifted to angel’s wings. Whatever her wings were made of, they made her speed through the neighborhood’s streets faster and faster.

She imagined the heat was chasing her. She imagined she was chasing her prince. She imagined she was flying through the air even if her feet was getting blistered against the hot pavement. She was a goddess in flight.

“Jamie!!!!,” someone called out, then a splash was heard. Caroline from across the street was hosting a swimming party.

There were BOYS. Caroline was in a red bikini, and Jamie recognized some of the girls and boys in the pool. They were all in swimming attire. Skimpy attire. She saw them eye her ratty white tank and black shorts.

“Come on, it’s melting out there!,” Caroline invited. She held up what looked like a beer and grinned.

Jamie shook her head and waved goodbye. “Another time, Cars!,” she shouted back. Then off she flew, speeding through the neighborhood’s streets, feet touching the hot pavement.

They could have their bikinis and their flirtations. There were daydreams to chase. This summer was hers. The next would belong to college searching. Graduation balls. One last hurrah.

This year, this summer was hers.

She was a goddess in flight.

(Written on Sept. 2, 2009. Image credit: D Sharon Pruitt)

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