Roasted Bell Pepper Appetizer Recipe


I’ve been on a roasted bell pepper kick recently. I’m just super in love with its roasted sweetness! Here’s a super easy and delicious recipe for you — a Roasted Bell Pepper Appetizer.

First, you need a couple of clean bell peppers. I like yellow ones because they’re sweet! I use red ones to add a different flavor to the overall taste of this appetizer. I spotted some orange ones at the grocery too so got a couple as well. Here they are laid out in our toaster oven.

Roasted Bell Pepper Appetizer

Roasted Bell Peppers a-roasting. Those look like their cute little butts, don’t they? :D

Line a tray with foil, put the peppers on them and begin roasting. Set the timer to 50 minutes. That’s a LONG time so you can do other kitchen stuff while these sweet peppers are roasting.

Halfway through, use a pair of tongs to turn the peppers on their side. You’ll notice that the skin will blacken — we like that. So just turn them over so the other side roasts that way too.

When done, peel the skin away. Slice open and scoop the seeds out. Slice into strips and place on a plate. Drizzle with a little olive oil, a dash of salt and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a yummy roasted bell pepper appetizer.

Roasted Bell Pepper Appetizer

Quick and Easy Roasted Bell Pepper Appetizer

You can eat this on its own, or serve with tiny slices of toast. We like putting this on pizza or mixing it in a veggie dish. I keep a little of it in the refrigerator and take some out to snack on. It makes for a light and healthy snack too!

I have a bunch of other roasted bell pepper recipes coming up! I’ll share them over the next few days. 😉 Needless to say, I’m infatuated with roasted bell peppers at the moment!

Do you have recipes using roasted bell peppers that you’d like to share? Come leave a note in the comments!


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