My Son Teaches Me About Gratitude


Playing at Kidzville
{Gratitude for the Moment. My son, living in the moment the way all kids do.}

I was praying with my son a few nights ago, asking him to repeat after me:

Me: “Dear Jesus…”
Timmy: “Dear Jesus…”
Me: “Thank you for Daddy.”
Timmy: “Thank you for Daddy.”
Me: “Thank you for Mommy.”
Timmy: “Dear Jesus, thank you for Daddy, thank you for Mommy, thank you for TIMMY!!!”

He’s totally right! Don’t you love how self-aware kids can be? That was such a refreshing lesson in gratitude.

It reminds me of this beautiful passage:


When was the last time you delighted in the gift that is YOU? :)

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