Queen for a day


I, Wifely, celebrated my birthday yesterday. It was heavenly.

I love my husband very much. He treated me like a queen! He gave me tons of presents, and didn’t allow me to do any of the household chores. Ah, freedom! Though I did spend most of the day in bed (due to my stubborn cramps), it was wonderfully relaxing.

My wifely advice for today? Don’t stop having fun. H gave me a mini-aquarium, several Mighty Beanz toys, Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, DVDs galore, and a playset I’ve wanted for so long. I don’t remember the title of the set, but it’s got tons of little plastic monkeys and sticks. It’s similar to the stack of Unos. You roll a die, take out a stick from a tree similar to the color that appears on the die, careful not to let any monkeys slip out. Oh it was so much fun!!!

We were laughing like little kids. We were maneuvering our sticks, giggling everytime monkeys would fall out of the tree and all. Ah, it was so much fun.

If you marry someone who can make you laugh from the belly, you picked the right one. :)

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