Weekend Star Discoveries: Baking Soda and Fluffy Rice


Baking soda is my best friend!

=> I put a container of it inside our fridge last night and it smells a lot better now. Or should I say, the lack of it smelling makes it smell better? You get the picture. Whatever! It takes the yucky odors out!

=> I sprinkled some BS (haha!) on a slightly damp sponge, wiped my kitchen counter with it, then rinsed my counter with water. Amazing! Okay, it looks clean. Maybe it’s only psychological that it looks whiter and cleaner.

=>I sprinkled some BS in our wastebaskets. Let’s see if no funky smell comes out them when we go home tonight.

=>There are a million other uses of baking soda. Thank you, Arm and Hammer!. Click on the tour link, and you’ll discover the many uses of BS for different parts of your house. I have yet to try using it for cleaning silverware, but I’ll try it soon. And I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Fluffy rice was a surprise hit!

=>My fluffy rice, thanks to Ganns, was a hit with my family. Fluffy rice is 1 1/4 cup of water for every 1 cup of rice.

=>My husband, however, prefers his rice a bit dry, so I think fluffy rice will be limited to family visits. Guess it’s back to 1:1 at our place!

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