Pictures I would love to live in


Pictures I would love to live in

1. A Late Given Rose, 2. Who knows,Maybe one day spring will come…, 3. llibreria – bookstore – Amsterdam – HDR, 4. Love at the courthouse, 5. new bike, 6. One for all and all for One, 7. This Year. . ., 8. river, 9. napstation, 10. Finally Springtime!, 11. Hoop-ty, 12. Pennsylvania Road, 13. Mess, 14. there’s no way to escape, 15. Yes! y otra vez Yes!, 16. Seize the Cupcake

Have you seen Mary Poppins? There’s this scene where Bert was drawing scenes with chalk on a sidewalk. When he, Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael jumped into the chalk scene, they were transported a place where the drawing came alive.

Sometimes when I’m stressed out I go to Flickr and just look at all their pretty pictures. These are some of the pictures I’ve marked as favorites. They make me smile, always. And that’s when I wish I had Mary Poppins’ magic. I’d jump into the scene and immerse myself in a charming, new place. Stress goes away and inspiration comes in.

These are the pictures I would love to live in, even for five minutes. What pictures make you feel this way?

3 Comments on Pictures I would love to live in

  1. Rico
    June 25, 2009 at 10:48 am (15 years ago)

    When I feel like I’m about to go “downers,” I usually browse thru our old photos, esp the travel photos and reminisce about the great time we had.

    Ricos last blog post..getting out of debt: step one

    It’d be nice to have a photo box full of printed photographs ano?

  2. Justice
    June 26, 2009 at 1:04 pm (15 years ago)

    nature photos. keeps me relaxed. and some black and white ones that make me feel how simple life was then :-)

    Justices last blog post..We are going on a Summer Holiday

    Oh right, black and white photos from way back. :)


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