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“Look It’s About Me!”

There’s a really good way to encourage reading among young kids — make the stories more personal. When I was young, my Dad enjoyed telling me and my sisters really colorful bedtime stories. “Once upon a time, there were three butterflies…” The stories were always fun, but what made them even more fun was that we were part of the story. In his stories, the butterflies would land on MY nose. The crocodiles would try biting OUR feet. My Dad fed our imagination happily by personalizing the stories. It’s one of my fondest childhood memories.

Look it's about me!  (Personalized Book)

A personalized book triggered those lovely memories. When Tatiana of Look It’s About Me told me about their personalized children’s books, I was really intrigued. While I would tell stories to my 4-year-old Timmy the way my Dad would tell stories to me, having an actual book with Timmy as the main character sounded plenty awesome.

Look it's about me!

Their website is called Look It’s About Me. Their personalized books feature specific details about the child that make him or her the star of their very own story. You provide the details — during the ordering stage, you provide the child’s name, other characters’ names (for our book, I used “Mommy” and “Daddy”).

There are different stories to choose from. I chose the space theme for Timmy because he likes astronauts, thanks to Buzz Lightyear. Now Timmy has his personalized book — Timmy and the Great Space Race. What makes the story even more special is that the child’s name is included in the story itself.

Look it's about me!

The book’s quality is very good. It’s playfully illustrated and made with hardbound covers. The pages are glossy too! Most importantly, the print is readable by little kids. It definitely helps encourage little readers to dive into the stories.

Timmy spots his name in his Look it's about me! book.

Timmy had a blast spotting his names in the story. His first run of the book was simply flipping through the pages, looking for his name. “Timmy!,” he would exclaim upon finding one. It was so cute. This would really make an ideal present for little children.

Here’s a flyer that came with the book. You can see some of the other titles available for personalizing.

Look it's about me! (Flyer)

Look it's about me!

Look It’s About Me isn’t just about personalized children’s books. They also offer personalized wall art, placemats, wrapping paper and coloring books. Aside from Timmy’s personalized Look It’s About Me book, I also ordered a poster. I chose the animal-themed one because he super loves animals.

Look it's about me!  (Personalized Poster)

Some of his little toy critters now keep his personalized poster company. It’s so cute! It’s another wonderful gift idea for young kids and the young-at-heart.

I’m looking into ordering a placemat for Timmy, too, just in time for the school year! It’s one of his school supplies requirements.

It’s super exciting! You may have some questions though, so here are some things that might enlighten you. You can view the rest of the questions over at their FAQs.

If the child’s skin and hair color is different from the model on your book, will it still be appropriate for the child?
The book is designed in a way where the color of the hair and skin of the child is not noticeable. Thus, enabling the child to use his/her imagination to feel part of the story.

What if the child’s name has more letters than the maximum number of letters allowed in the order form?
There is a maximum number of 15 letters allowed for the nickname or preferred name of the child. If the child’s name is longer than the allowable number of letters, please contact our Customer Service directly (+6325422268 or customerservice@lookitsaboutme.com) so we may assist you promptly.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
The order will take approximately 7-10 business days to arrive at your door for deliveries in the Philippines, and 10-15 for Worldwide Deliveries. You also have the option to pick up your order at our office address. In this case your order will be ready for pick up in 6 working days.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we ship internationally. Please refer to our Shipping Information Page for additional details.

What forms of payment can I use?
We currently offer two payment options. We offer payment through Credit Card using Paypal’s on line facility or through Bank Deposit.

– Read more at: Look It’s About Me FAQs

These personalized products are fantastic gift ideas! Check out Look It’s About Me to see what they have to offer. Who knows, you may just get some items not only for your kids, but for yourself too! 😉

Learn more about Look It’s About Me‘s over at:
Their Website: http://www.lookitsaboutme.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LookItsAboutMe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LookItsAboutMe
Instagram: http://instagram.com/LookItsAboutMe
Pinterest: http://instagram.com/LookItsAboutMe

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