She Likes Shoes: Why I love this shoe subscription service


She Likes Shoes!

“A shoe subscription service?!”

Upon reading what this new website,, was all about, I was immediately hooked. I like shoes but I hardly have time to go shopping. When I learned that She Likes Shoes offers a unique catalog of shoes every month, I got excited. I could choose a pair that best fits my style every month – without having to go to the mall. Perfect.

Getting started with She Likes Shoes

First, I went to Then I keyed in my email address, created a password and I was all signed up! I got access to the month’s featured shoes right away. Once you subscribe, you can get to purchase shoes and get updates too.

Paying with STEPs for Shoes

She Likes Shoes uses a point system called “STEPS”. 1 STEP = Php500. You have to buy STEPS on the site to purchase shoes. There’s a membership fee of Php499.00 which is equal to 1 STEP (with PhP1 discount), which you can use to buy shoes from the site. You can use your PesoPay or Paypal for transactions.

You can buy more STEPS if you want to get more shoes from their closet aside from the 1 pair subscribers are entitled to each month. Super easy! And guess what? Shipping is free!

Show me the styles!

Okay! I’ll show you the 3 pairs of shoes I have gotten from the site. :) These shoes were from their June catalogue.

Pair #1: This pair of sandals is now my weekend favorite. It’s called Euterpe. They’re very comfortable. I love how the studded accents still keep the overall style of the sandals simple and classic.

She Likes Shoes
{Saturday Day Out with my Euterpe Sandals}

The shoes She Likes Shoes are exclusive to their site. They’re proudly designed and made in the Philippines. They’re of good quality too!

Pair #2: These black Erato wedges are super awesome. They’re high but super light and comfortable! Even if they were really high, I was able to play with my son after work without having to take my shoes off. Mommy-friendly shoes for the win!

She Likes Shoes
{Erato for work. My son approves.}

Pair #3: I was feeling drab on this particular day due to cough and colds, but my Melpomene shoes cheered me up. The silver and black pointy style uplifted my spirits!

She Likes Shoes
{Melpomene Love}

Super Service from She Likes Shoes

She Likes Shoes’ service is warm and accommodating. I experienced this when I needed to exchange my first pair of shoes. I’m a Size 7, but when my Melpomene pair came they were quite tight! So I had my Melpomene 7s exchanged for an 8, no hassle at all. All I had to do was prepare the return label, packing slip and the unworn shoes. The package was picked up by SheLikesShoes on the same day they delivered my 8s. Great service!

Looking forward to my July shoes!

I’ve already ordered my July pair from She Likes Shoes. Can’t wait to get them! Here’s a peek at what I ordered:

She Likes Shoes
{Wouldn’t they look so awesome with a simple sundress, a pair of jeans, or shorts?
Great with anything, really!}

Wifely Steps recommends She Likes Shoes!

She Likes Shoes is really great if you love shoes or simply have no time to go to the mall to buy shoes. I love how they give you a fresh catalog every month, and how easy it is to pay for the shoes. It’s a very convenient and stress-free arrangement for busy women! Best of all, the shoe styles are beautiful. I love how even with nine pair of shoes on the catalog every month, they give you a wide range of styles– from super trendy to classic. You know that there’s at least one pair of shoes on the site that’ll make your toes curl!

You can learn more about She Likes Shoes at their homes online: – website where you subscribe and order

Have you tried a shoe subscription service before? Have you tried She Likes Shoes yet? Have any questions? Come share! Let’s talk shoes in the comments. :)

2 Comments on She Likes Shoes: Why I love this shoe subscription service

  1. bursky
    July 14, 2014 at 2:57 pm (10 years ago)

    ooohhh… this might be a great gift for the wifey! 😀

    • Toni
      July 15, 2014 at 9:46 am (10 years ago)

      You got that right, bursky! 😉


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