Family Dining at Silantro


SILANTRO is a restaurant that serves Filipino and Mexican food. My family and I tried it for the first time a few days ago and we enjoyed our Silantro experience!

We were at UP Town Center the other day, thinking about where to eat for lunch. We’ve been anticipating Silantro’s opening in UP Town for awhile now so when we saw it was having its soft opening last Wednesday, we went for it!!!

Silantro in UP Town Center

Silantro in UP Town Center

The restaurant was full but we were able to get a seat after 10 minutes. Our party of 6 was eager for tacos!!!

Eat your tacos.

Eat your tacos.

We were seated beside this pillar. We felt like he was watching us munch on our tacos and nachos. 😛 The place was family-friendly. The servers were kind and accommodating. We were well taken care of even if the place was super busy! Good job on your soft opening, Silantro!

Silantro: What we ate

Now on to the food! Here are some of dishes we got.

Beef Nachos from Silantro

Beef Nachos from Silantro

The Beef Nachos were so yummy! The chips were crisp. There was a generous serving of beef chunks and cheese, plus tomatoes and chopped cilantro. We enjoyed this appetizer very much!

Silantro's Quesadillas

Silantro’s Quesadillas

Silantro’s Quesadillas were also very good. If you love cheese, you’re going to love this a lot. These quesadillas were serious about their cheese. Look at this…

Silantro's Quesadillas - Serious about cheese!

Silantro’s Quesadillas – Serious about cheese!

Cheesy cheesy cheesy. I also loved the fries that came with Silantro’s Quesadillas. Yum!

We also got a soft taco, which the server said was their bestseller (more than the hard tacos). So we went with her recommendation and tried the soft tacos with three kinds of meat. You can opt to have single or double meat. We went with triple meat and chose lengua, chicken and pork. Other choices include lamb and beef.

Soft Tacos with Lengua, Chicken and Pork

Soft Tacos with Lengua, Chicken and Pork

What’s a visit to a Mexican restaurant without fajitas? So we tried Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix.

Silantro's Paella Fajita Mix

Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix

The seafood was well-cooked, but we found the paella too soft and mushy. It was like a risotto already. Nonetheless, it was flavorful.

We also ordered a beef taco, a burrito and a pitcher of iced tea. No pictures for those! Our total bill was around P1,200. Not bad for a party of 6! We were stuffed.

We’ll definitely visit Silantro again. I know my request though — I’d like to have more cilantro in my food. 😉 Check out their Facebook page to learn more about them and their other branches.


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