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Hosting the Archangels

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Hosting the Archangels

Hosting the archangels. It sounds a little surreal, but it’s been one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve had this year. It involves opening your home to the archangels, inviting them to be part of your home (and your life) for 5 days, then sending them off to three people at the end of their stay. It’s a Pay It Forward kind of chain. I accepted my friend’s offer of hosting the archangels because a) I believe in angels, b) I welcome goodness into our home and c) I was curious! Here’s what my experience of hosting the archangels was like. Read more…

Clay Plates: DIY Works of Love

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Clay Plates: Works of Love

This clay plates project was a lot of fun! What makes each creation special was how much love and time was put into it. If you’re thinking of giving personal, lovingly handmade creations as presents, consider making your own clay plates. With lots of love, you can create a special, one of a kind gift.  Read more…

A New Look for Wifely Steps

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Beach Home

2014 was a year of transition for me as I tapped into a part of my life that was significantly more nurturing, loving and peaceful. I knew I wanted the gentle changes to reflect in my online home — my blog. So welcome to my newly designed, newly decorated home! Feel free to walk barefoot. Grab a knitted throw from the living room. Let’s sit on the wooden steps of this new home (or on the porch hammock) as we sip on our cups of tea.  Read more…

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