How to Enjoy Your Inflatable Pool More


One of the most fun ways to cool off this summer is to have an inflatable pool right outside your home! Kids (and adults!) will surely enjoy a dip and some water games. That’s why a few weeks ago, we bought an inflatable pool for our boy. There was a sale at the toy store and so we went for it! But before going for the pool, my husband and I were weighing our options: For P1,000 we could get one Bey Blade (I think that’s what it’s called) and one arena, which would be great for Timmy’s grip (we’re working on stronger fine motor skills). Or we could get this pool. It wasn’t a long discussion. Pool it was.


Toy store staff testing the inflatable pool

It was a surprise for Timmy, who has been wanting to go swimming for awhile. Since we could set up the inflatable pool at home, he could go swimming everyday. Well, “swimming” = wading and splashing around.


Looks good, right?!

So exciting! This is an Intex pool measuring 74 inches x 18 inches. It’s a three air chamber pool and can hold up to 176 gallons of water. It’s mainly made of vinyl and comes with 1 repair patch. It’s good for two to three (not very big) people. I found it funny though that I had to pay for the pool first before having it tested. What if the pool was defective and there was no more stock? Hmmm. Good thing this pool was perfectly fine. :)

Summer loving begins!

We set up the inflatable pool the next day. We got an air pump as well so we wouldn’t blow our lungs out inflating this giant pool. Heehee. While we were filling it with water, our boy couldn’t wait to hop in. It wasn’t even ankle-deep when he sat in the pool. He was so excited.


Taking a dip!

I loved watching him play in the pool. He was so refreshed, and I was refreshed as well just watching him. Also because he kept accidentally splashing me.

Are you considering getting an inflatable pool for the summer? Here are some tips on making your inflatable pool experience even more fun!

Tips for more Inflatable Pool Fun


See how the pool is partly shaded!

Give your pool some shade.

This is good for your skin health! While the water may be cool on the skin, the heat can still cause a nasty sunburn even when you’ve got sunscreen on! We set up our pool on our front porch, which doesn’t get hit by direct sunlight till about noontime. That means in the mornings and late afternoons, it is well-shaded by our home’s walls. Perfect for inflatable pool playtime! You can also set up a shade umbrella nearby so it covers part of the pool.

Protect yourself!

Protect yourself!

Wear sunscreen or a hat.

Sunburns hurt so bad! Let the swimmers wear sunscreen so they can relax without the risk! This tip also goes for those watching the swimmers a.k.a. the bantay. I put some sunscreen on as well while keeping an eye on Timmy’s pool playtime. I also wore a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection. Better safe than sorry!

Timmy and I raced cars by pushing an inflatable Lighting McQueen and Mater around the pool. Fun!

Timmy and I raced cars by pushing an inflatable Lighting McQueen and Mater around the pool. Fun!

Play games.

When I was a kid, my cousins and I would spend part of our summers just chilling in an inflatable pool slightly bigger than this one. One of my cousins would throw a 25-cent coin into the pool and we’d search for it with our eyes closed, guided only by our hands. That was a lot of fun!

Summer Loving

Give small toys a dip too!

Have fun with pool toys.

When selecting toys, choose floating bath toys like rubber duckies or balls. A water gun would also be a lot of fun! Get a tabo or water dipper as your little one would surely find filling it up with water (and pouring it out) entertaining. Our boy also enjoys using the little plastic [Easter] eggs to scoop water.

Drink water even if you're refreshed by playing IN the water.

Drink water even if you’re refreshed by playing IN the water.


You may be refreshed by all the splashing around, but you’re exerting a lot of energy too! You’re in the heat as well! Have a tumbler of water nearby and sip on it frequently to avoid dehydration.

Inflatable pooltime means quality time with my boy.

Inflatable pooltime means quality time with my boy.

Get in the pool with the kids.

Who says inflatable pools are only for kids? It’s a great way for adults to chill and have some summer fun too. There were moments when I just wanted to lie back and feel how refreshing the water was, but my son would pull me out of my reverie by asking me to play pool games. Still fun! After all, I wanted to be in the pool to spend quality time with my son!

Put on some music.

Level up the fun and put on some relaxing or energizing beach music. This is one of my all-time favorite summer songs: Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys. Classic!

Have an awesome summer, everyone! :)

Got tips on how to enjoy your inflatable pool more? Do share!

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