Why not look through your baby pictures together?


H (for Hubby) and I flipped through an album of our baby pictures, and we couldn’t stop giggling and making fun of each other. As a baby, he was cute and cuddly. As a grown-up, he still is! And as for me, as a baby, I was… brown. As a grown-up, I’m… still brown. It’s extremely fun comparing how we both evolved from such little chumps to big chumps.

Baby picture viewing is a wonderful bonding experience. You not only talk about each other’s childhood, but you also imagine your own baby. Will baby get his eyes? My height? (I hope not.) His temper? My smile? And then both of you smile lovingly at each other, and poof! You go and try to create your own baby. (Just kidding! Really! We parked the album afterwards and watched the news.)

It’s different when you look at baby pics when you’re married versus when you’re just going out. It’s somehow more real now. It’s more real in the sense that in a couple of months or so, both of you’ll be carrying inside you a clone of that baby you saw in the old pics. Now, that’s bonding.

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