See ya later, squash seeds


Oh squash seeds, how I enjoyed you so.

I thought you’d be a better option than watermelon seeds (“butong pakwan”). Those awesome black seeds were favorites of mine. Alas, I couldn’t eat them anymore because they were too salty for me. Sure, I could crack them without licking on the salted shell, but then what would be the point of eating butong pakwan? The saltiness was part of the eating experience.

Squash Seeds

And when I was gifted with you, squash seeds, I thought you’d be a good substitute.

In the beginning, you were sweet. I think you were from Taiwan or something. Imported pa! I had half a handful of you after one meal, and you tasted great. I apologized for dissing you before.

But then last week, I ate about a handful of you and sadly, I don’t think I’ll be eating you again. You gave me gas.

Just like kimchi, I don’t think I’ll be enjoying you during my pregnancy. You may be sweet and yummy, but the tummy ache you gave me just isn’t worth it.

Till we meet again, squash seeds!

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