Play with the Sun


“Mommy, look!”



One of the beautiful things about having a child at home is you’re reminded to look at life with wonder.

The afternoon sun was lighting up one part of the house. The orange floor was lit up by the sun’s rays and I thought it was beautiful, then headed on to do my chores. But my son spotted something even more beautiful. He stood in front of a mattress and gazed with wonder at his silhouette.

“Shadow,” he giggled. Then he began making animal shadows with his hands, even dancing to see how far his shadow would mimic him. Shadow play didn’t last very long, but for that brief moment we both shared in his giggling, amazement and just plain awe at how much joy the sun and his shadow brought.

It’s good to be reminded about these little things, ‘no? What a beautiful perspective to the other joys a beautiful sun-filled afternoon can bring. Thank you, my son, for reminding me to stop and play with the sun too.

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