Orange Honey: Adding a citrus kick to sweetness


Orange honey. Who would’ve thought we’d like it?

I asked my husband to buy some honey from the store one time. So he did. When I was preparing my regular bowl of oatmeal, I reached for the honey and was surprised to see it with an orange cap. ORANGE?! I’m not a big fan of orange-flavored stuff, e.g. orange-flavored chocolate, orange-infused olive oil, etc. I prefer my honey the good old-fashioned way. Apparently my husband just saw “honey” on the packaging and thought that was what I wanted.

Orange Honey
What will this orange honey taste like?

Orange Honey is Oh-So-Yum!

Surprisingly, the orange honey was good! SueBee’s Orange Blossom Honey had a very subtle orange taste, which added a different flavor to my oatmeal. I liked it. I didn’t mind the orange at all.

Oatmeal with Orange Honey
Mix orange honey into your oatmeal for a little citrus kick!

I’ve tried the orange honey in my oatmeal and even in smoothies. It gives a little kick to the sweetness. Thanks, Husby, for this happy accident. :)

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