Naming that tune


H was sick last weekend, so I was stuck with dish-washing the whole of Sunday. Yeck. But I’ve discovered a way to lighten the load! Nope, it’s not a new dishwashing detergent. Nope, it’s not a magic sponge. It’s singing. Ta-da!

I try remembering songs from my childhood. I see if I still memorize them. Then I sing to my heart’s content, nevermind the jumbled lyrics and weird tunes. Before I knew it, I was done with the dishes!

So sing, sing, sing! It won’t only make time fly faster, but you’ll feel better afterwards too. No more “Huhuhu I’m so tired” feeling. It’s more of a “Whew, I’m tired but that was fun” feeling.

So there. But please don’t get any ideas to make me official dishwasher of any event okay? I’d still stay away from the chore if I could.

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