Fat-burning soup


Tet requested for some tips on losing weight. Hmmm. The best tip is still to exercise regularly and eat right! Here’s a little something on that “eat right” bit. My Mom, my sisters and I used to devour this soup. It’s part of a 7-day diet. The question is, did we lose weight? I think I did. I felt lighter after that diet phase. My Mom lost weight significantly! It was amazing. They say that this soup contains “almost no calories.” So the more you eat, the more you burn. YOU be the judge. And hey, consult your doctor first if you can take this soup!

We eventually ended up taking the soup even if we weren’t on the 7-day diet. If you’re a vegetable lover like me, oh yum, this one’s for you. I found it really delicious. I would eat it alongside my regular viand and rice meal.

Here’s the recipe and the 7-day diet. We had to make some adjustments to the recipe and the soup was still delicious. For example, we used Knorr Chicken Cube bouillon instead of a vegetable bouillon. No seaweed. No spices. No hot pepper.

The same yummy fat-free soup!

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