Chocolate con Leche from Pan de Manila


This hot chocolate from Pan de Manila is so delicious! This Chocolate Con Leche is a 3 in 1 Spanish Hot Chocolate mix served in a sachet. One serving is Php 15.00. It’s super yummy.

Hot Chocolate Con Leche
3 in 1 Hot Chocolate — Mmmmm!

The yummiest Chocolate con Leche in a sachet

Pan de Manila’s Chocolate con Leche blend has a very similar taste to hot chocolate made from tablea. Tablea refers to little blocks or spheres of cacao which you heat in milk to make a rich, hot chocolate drink. I don’t have access to Tablea all the time, but there is a Pan de Manila close to home. Pan de Manila’s Chocolate con Leche has tablea as one of its ingredients so it has that rich chocolate taste too. It’s absolutely yummy and reminds me of Christmas evenings.

Hot Chocolate
Easy to make hot chocolate

If you’re at Pan de Manila, grab some pan de sal and sachets of this Spanish hot chocolate mix. Upon coming home, toast the pan de sal, stir yourself up some hot chocolate and you’ve got yourself a cozy afternoon. It warms you up quite nicely on rainy days too!

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