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Nicole and Jimmy: What’s YOUR Almost-Love Story?

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Nicole and Jimmy = Ah, what could have been! Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Nicole Kidman has garnered over 15 million views on Youtube. It’s one of the most amusing talk show interviews I’ve ever seen. In a nutshell, Jimmy Fallon learns that he blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman years ago. He thought they were meeting to talk about a movie role. Nicole Kidman shared he didn’t seem to be giving off signals that he was interested and even put on a video game when she came over to his apartment. And well, watch the video! It’s a fun 9 minutes. Watch it till the end.  Read more…

Marriage Prayer on Snoring

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A marriage prayer on snoring? When I first stumbled upon it, I giggled. Then I read through the prayer and took my giggles back. {Credit:} It is true. Snoring can get in the way of a good night’s sleep, especially for those sharing the bed with you. More importantly, replace the word “snoring” with […] Read more…

Love is all you need

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Love is all you need

{I keep this heart in my bag and bring it with me everywhere I go!}Love is all you need whether the task is big or small. It’s a beautiful reminder for the everyday things we do in a marriage. I read this article once that predictability helps make a blooming relationship thrive. The two of […] Read more…

Landline by Rainbow Rowell (Book Review)

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Landline by Rainbow Rowell is a wonderful read, especially if you’re married. The novel shows a marriage’s realities beyond the honeymoon stage, when you have to work harder to keep the magic alive, when you sometimes need to be reminded of the bliss that brought you together in the first place. Needless to say, it […] Read more…

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