Cronuts over Cake: A Happy Birthday Surprise


Cronuts instead of a cake for your birthday? Why not? They are especially yummy if they’re the celebrant’s favorite. My sister loves the Strawberry cronuts from Wildflour so it was no question that my husband and I had to get her some on her special day.

Birthday Cronuts
Happy Birthday Cronuts

Cronuts and Candles

To make these cronuts more festive, all you need are some candles and a little play dough. Grab a small clump of play dough. Roll it into a ball. Wrap it around a candle’s base, making sure the bottom is flat enough that the candle can stand on its own. Then insert the candle at the center of the cronut. When you’ve candled them all up, light the candles one by one. Voila! Don’t they look awesome?

If you don’t have playdough, you can also tear off a small piece of bread. See that it’s dense enough to hold the candle upright when you place them at the center of the cronuts.

Make sure to take the candles out before serving. Also double-check if there’s any play dough stuck to the cronuts before handing them out. 😉

We haven’t been into cakes that much lately. I had a birthday pizza for my special day (with a candle wedged at the center) and lots of yummy ice cream. There are classics that we’d always love like Goldilock’s Mocha cake, Red Ribbon’s with boiled icing, Estrel’s Caramel Cake with Marshmallow Icing. Yummy! For this birthday though, we opted to go with something a little more unexpected. Hence the birthday cronuts. :)

We got 6 pieces (2 plain, 2 strawberry, 1 chocolate, 1 hazelnut). It was our first time to try Wildflour’s Hazenut Cronut and it was delicious! I liked how subtle the hazelnut was and that it wasn’t screaming Nutella. It was just right.

Instead of a birthday cake, what else would you have?

You could do the same candle presentation with doughnuts. I can imagine this would look great with the yummiest donuts from J.Co. (Make mine Alcapone, Forest Glam and Mr. Green Tea please!)

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