A trip down memory food lane


One more reminiscin’ entry before I sign off for the weekend. If you are familiar with any of the food below, it’s probably because we share a culture, a generation, or a quirk. These are snacks I loved as a child. Each one has a special memory attached to it. I’m certain you have your own fond memories of these too.

  • Nabisco Choco Mallows.
  • Puffy Cone. This one had a marshmallow puff on the cone that was coated with chocolate. I can’t find this in the market anymore.
  • Hi-Ro. My childhood Oreo.
  • Pan de sal with Condensed Milk as the palaman (filling).
  • Pan de sal with Powdered Milo as the palaman.
  • Pan de sal with Chocolate Condensed Milk as the palaman.
  • Pan de sal with Margarine and Sugar as the palaman.
  • Pan de sal with Mango Ice Cream as the palaman.
  • Champorado with Tuyo.
  • Broas dipped in Royal Tru Orange.
  • Frozen Magnolia Chocolait.
  • Powdered Milo mixed with Rice.
  • Rice coffee.
  • A Nutella-like chocolate spread in little tubs.
  • Magnolia’s Mango Ice Cream Cup.
  • Maruya (fried bananas in flour) dipped in Butter and Sugar.
  • Royco Alphabet Soup.
  • Frozen fruit salad.
  • “Ice candy”. This was just melon juice, buco juice or any juice poured in one-inch wide and about 6-inches long plastic bags that were then frozen.
  • Ice buko.
  • Knick Knacks.
  • Sky Flakes dipped in Coke.
  • Tasty (a brand of white bread) filled with spaghetti or pancit.
  • Goldilock’s Caramel Popcorn.
  • Hotdogs and colorful Marshmallows on a barbeque stick.
  • La Chesca’s Cherry Cheesecake.

Happy weekend!

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