10 Places to Get Ideas Flowing



Ideas can be triggered anywhere, but some places are more conducive to idea generation than others. From personal experience, here are my top 10 places where the better ideas usually pop up.

1. The Shower

Maybe there’s something in the sound of water that gets some ideas flowing. Or maybe it’s the scent of my bath gel that refreshes not only my body but my mind.

2. Music Stores

One of my favorite exercises at home is to listen to classical music, close my eyes, and wait for a story to take shape in my head. It’s a lovely way to write, and this deserves its own entry altogether. Music stores are a great source of ideas because different kinds of music trigger different tones and colors of ideas for me. Try out different music and see what gets the ideas going for you best.

Now I know we just head over to Spotify or Youtube to get new music, and that music stores are most likely now just music sections of a department store, an electronics store or even a bookstore. (I MISS THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Hahaha.) There’s still something fulfilling in running your hands over records and CDs and listening to it with the store’s headphones. When was the last time you did that? Try it!


3. Walking Down The Street

Four walls can be trapping. So when I need some mental stimulation, I use my favorite mode of transportation: my feet. Equipped with good walking shoes or comfortable flip-flops, I walk around the block or just down the street. The fresh air does me some good. When you go out, there is always something new to see. The more new things you interact with, the more new ideas can come to you.

4. The Coffee Shop

I love the smell of coffee. The smell of java jolts my mind and puts me in a more energized mood. For me, ideas pop up best while sipping a cup of black coffee (with one sugar please).

5. The Bookstore

Ooh la la. Books are love. Learn from the greatest writers. Look at the different book covers. See what inspires you. What hasn’t been done yet? What book would you rewrite? My favorite sections are the children’s books and the cookbooks. They’re the happiest part of the bookstore for me. C’mon, kids and food — who can go wrong with that? Hopefully the light feeling you go home with helps trigger ideas for you.


6. The Grocery

A lot of things catch me by surprise in a grocery. I once stumbed upon a brand of soy milk that said it had collagen. Wha–? Intriguing! There was also one with sesame seeds or something. Wha–? How unusual. There’s also something about the fresh produce and the display of red and yellow bell peppers that just inspires me.


7. The Bed

That’s my favorite sleep spot, but yours can be a rocking chair or the living room couch. Dreams whisper great ideas, so be sure to have pen and paper by your bedside. (Bonus: Maybe if you dream of a sequence of numbers, you can play them on the lotto. Kidding. Not really. Who knows right?)


8. Anywhere close to nature

What’s more inspiring than nature itself? Look at how the sun peeks through the greens. Listen to conversations between birds and the water. Feel the gentle breeze that runs through the grass and through you hair. I love parks. I love just plain looking out the window into a scenery of greens. Nature has a lot of stories to tell. You may get ideas there. And if you leave near a beach, you’re one dang lucky fella.

9. The Internet

That counts as a place, right? The world wide web? So rich with information, so rich with nuggets. There are a gazillion websites you can read, but not all will strike you and make the wheels of your mind go a-turnin’. I get inspired by my favorite blogs, websites and comment exchanges with readers. F-u-n!


10. A Loved One’s Home

When you’re around people you love, you’ll always be inspired. I enjoy hanging out with my folks and my siblings. There’s always something new to learn, always something to talk about. Hang out with your dearest friends and loved ones. The richer the ties, the richer the conversations will be, the more inspired you will be.

So cheers to places that get ideas a-flowin’!

What places inspire your ideas?

Photo credit: Writer from Pixabay. All other images from stock.xchg.

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