Peanut Butter Neverland


I am a peanut butter lover. More specifically, I am a crunchy peanut butter lover. I put peanut butter on everything. I had it for breakfast just now, along with some sweet apples. Note how I said I had peanut butter WITH apples, not apples with peanut butter. That’s an entirely different thing. After I finished the apples, I ate about two teaspoonfuls of peanut butter. Oh, heaven.

My hunt for the best crunchy peanut butter is over. This peanut butter has so many nuts, is not too oily, not too creamy… it’s just right.

And the award goes to Peter Pan!

*Oscars music plays*

And now… my late Friday Five, taken from Tin:

1. If the world were to suddenly end right now, what do you wish you would have done?

I wish I could’ve gone to Disneyworld and Universal Studios with my husband. That’s our dream vacation.

2. How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting out of bed?

Three times. If I hit it more than 3x, I wake up an hour late. Yow.

3. What cartoon do you enjoy watching from the present (or the past)?

Jimmy Neutron. The Fairy Oddparents. As Told by Ginger. When I was a kid, I loved Beverly Hills Teens, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Shirt Tales, Rainbow Brite, Gummi Bears, and oh, so much more.

4. If you could go to any time and/or place in history, where/when would it be?

Sixties. Flower power!

5. If your life were a movie, what would it be rated and why?

R-18. Nothing too radical, but it’s not for the naive.

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