It followed her to school one day…


A colleague and I were talking about his children, and I brought up the subject of educational plans. H & I have considered getting such a plan, even if we don’t have children yet. My colleague said it’s a big help — his daughter’s yearly tuition is P90,000, and P70,000 of that is care of the plan. I didn’t ask how much he paid for the whole plan (I thought it was too personal a question), but he strongly recommended that I get one for my future kids. After much talk about the expenses of raising a child, my heart wanted to scream out loud, “Enough! Enough!” That’s 90 freaking thousand for a fourth-grader. Woah. By the time I have a kid and she becomes a fourth-grader, who knows what inflation would’ve done to that tuition? Yikes.

How do you manage your children’s school fees? Do you have an educational plan? Or do you plan on getting one? I am now seeking tips as I am totally clueless when it comes to this. I have an ever-ready insurance agent, but I’d like to get opinions from different people before getting in touch with her.

Tips on this will be highly appreciated. :)

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