I love my Wowo and Maymee


I called up Wowo and Maymee this afternoon to update them on some little things (paperwork and stuff). The supposed 5-minute talk turned out to be much longer, and I missed them a lot.

Maymee and I talked about the Thanksgiving Mass I wanted to offer (she sells Mass cards). I wanted to give thanks to Him for our new home. She sounded very interested in our new condo unit. She says she and Wowo want to visit us soon. I told her we’d have to clean up the condo first. Heehee. I feel the pressure! She used to be a Home Economics teacher, you see. She’s very particular about order at home!

Wowo and I laughed as he told the story of him trying to call me on my cell phone over and over, only to have the operator say “This line is no longer connected.” Turns out he was calling my cell phone number of 4 years ago. He said his cell phone was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Heehee.

Wowo and Maymee are my maternal grandparents. They’re 82 and 81 years old, respectively. I don’t see them that often anymore. When I lived with my folks in Quezon City, their home was just a 5-minute drive away. I rarely see them now. I don’t even talk to them on the phone that much. Though I was with them last Good Friday, it feels like it has been many months since we were together.

As we were saying our goodbyes, I told my grandmother that I loved her. She said she loved me too. Now my grandfather is kinda military-ish so I’m not as demonstrative to him. Hence, I told Maymee, “Please tell Wowo that I love him.” She goes, “Papa! Toni says she loves you very much.” Then she puts Wowo on the line (who apparently didn’t hear her) and he goes, “Toni?” I go, “Wowo! I love you!” He laughs (I can picture his toothy smile and chinky eyes in my head) and says, “Thank you!” Then we say bye-bye.

I was kinda teary-eyed after that phone call. I’ve always been very vocal about my feelings with my own parents, but not too much with my grandparents. I’d hug them and kiss them but not say those words that often. I know it’s because I’m nahihiya (kinda embarrassed) to do that. And now I wonder, why should I be ashamed? I won’t let my Wowo’s military posture to get to me. I know he’s a mushy old bear within. :) And Maymee is just sunshine and roses to me.

Grandparents are truly wonderful. They give you a different kind of comfort and love. It’s as fuzzy as a blankie and as soothing as a cup of hot cocoa. Do constantly pray for their strength and their health. And do tell them you love them every chance you get.

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