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Starr’s Famous Shakes

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Retro Milkshake with Horlicks

If I say Horlicks, you say…? If you thought “childhood” then we’re probably from the same generation. Jenn and I both got the RETRO MALT shake. It’s got Horlicks powder mixed in it. Just one sip and I was thrown back to my kiddie days. I used to enjoy nibbling on Horlicks candy. When it was no longer sold here in the Philippines, it broke my kiddie heart. That’s why when I saw Horlicks powder on the counter of Starr’s, I felt my 8-year-old heart was made whole again. <3 Read more…

Ironic Nurturing

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Sometimes I indulge to nurture myself. Ironic, but true. There are days when a greasy sandwich and hash browns just hit the spot. It’s not the healthiest of meals for sure, but on some days, it’s what helps nurture my soul best. Here’s another example. I don’t drink alcohol much, but this beer was well-timed […] Read more…

Sugar Lily Cupcakes: Spreading the Sweetness

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Sugar Lily Cupcakes are awesome! I’m a big fan of cupcakes, and it’s been awhile since I’ve tasted a really good one. I liked the Choco Yema cupcake from my previous blog entry, but truthfully, a really good chocolate cupcake is hard to find. Tetet of Sugar Lily Cupcakes, a start-up cupcake business, approached me […] Read more…

Choco Yema Cupcake from SLICE

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There are a lot of cupcake shops out there, but I’m discovering that I’m slowly liking cupcakes in one place more than others. Heehee. SLICE is a restaurant that serves full meals and yummy desserts, but so far what I’ve tasted are the cupcakes and the coffee. I’ll definitely eat more there another time, but […] Read more…

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