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On a Blissmakerie high!

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#Blissmakerie2014 was a private holiday gathering last weekend, thrown by the ever so loving and blissful Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful. It was a cozy afternoon of delicious eats, surprise blissful treats and connecting with old and new friends! This Thanksgiving/Advance Christmas get-together for Martine’s Make It Blissful community was truly wonderful. It had Martine’s branding all over it. You didn’t only see her personality on the beautifully styled interiors, you could also feel her branding — classy, generous and loving. Let me tell you about the highlights of that Blissmakerie afternoon! Read more…

How do you nurture yourself?

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“Have you been nurturing yourself?” My dear friend Andrea asks me this question every now and then. She knows how I can get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday to the point that I’d skip lunch, go home late, fret over home concerns and put my own needs on the back burner until my […] Read more…

Autumn in New York

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The original version of my piece below first appeared on The Philippine Online Chronicles 3 years ago. I’ve edited it to be more current, but the spirit remains the same. I still do want to visit New York. Autumn in New York. It’s a title of a movie, but it’s also the title of a […] Read more…

Writing Again: A Way Back Home

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This Writer’s Life: Family inspiration all around me, my tea and my laptop. I missed writing. I missed the excitement of pitching topics, the thrill of being assigned topics I pitched for, the challenge of approaching topics unfamiliar to me. After LEAP, I began reassessing how I was nurturing myself. A typical day for me […] Read more…

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