Writing to Santa: Keeping the magic alive


Writing to Santa is one of the childhood memories that makes me smile. I recall wondering how Santa Claus, who lived in the North Pole, could find his way here to the Philippines, specifically, to our home on a hill. Magic was always the answer. Magic was always the way!

Timmy’s had a concept of Santa Claus since he was a baby. He’s written to Santa last year, but this year he’s been more involved. Writing to Santa entailed thinking really hard about what he wanted from that magical workshop in the North Pole. In the end, he decided on a toy he’s been wanting for a long time. Hot Wheels.

More than the toy, I enjoyed guiding Timmy through the writing process. His fine motor skills still need much improvement, and writing is one good way to develop this. Writing to Santa excited him, and so we sat down and began writing.

Writing to Santa

I encouraged him to start the letter on his own, though I had given him ideas on what to write a few hours before. In the end, this is what he decided to write. “Dear Santa, I’m Timmy a good boy. Hot Wheels please.” I let him lead the spelling, and he spelled phonetically. He doesn’t have an “L” sounds when he speaks, hence “Hot Weos.”

Timmy’s not big on drawing, but when I asked him to draw the cars for Santa he willingly obliged. I guess with the right frame of mind, he’s more open to drawing! I feel like I unlocked a new skill level for him. (More on that in another entry!)

When I was younger, the tradition after writing to Santa was to roll the letter up and put it in your Christmas stocking. Since Timmy doesn’t have a stocking, I asked him to place his letter in our Christmas tree.

Writing to Santa

Santa’s bound to get his letter in a few days. I ask Timmy to check every morning if the letters from Santa are still there or if he’s gotten them already. 😉

He’s excited about Santa’s visit. I asked him what food he wants to share with Santa on Christmas Eve. “Cookies,” he said. What about the reindeer? “Fish,” he replies. Okay, Rudolph. I guess we’re sharing fried fish with you alongside Santa’s cookies!

Writing to Santa is a magical tradition I hope that stays with us through Timmy’s growing up years. It’ll definitely help make childhood even more memorable, even more magical!

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