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Super Easy Chili Cream Cheese Dip

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Chili Cream Cheese

This looks kinda weird but I promise you ¬†— it’s good!!! Simply get a block of cream cheese (or in our case as seen in the pic above, half a block), then drizzle with sweet chili sauce. That’s it.¬†Serve it with a pack of chips and ta-da, you’re done. Simply use the chips to “scrape” […] Read more…

Crabmeat Dip Recipe

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This lovely crabmeat dip is my sister’s recipe. She prepares this only during New Year’s eve! This is so darn good, so I say, prepare it year-round! It’s a crabmeat dip that’s yummy on crackers, pretzels. It’s the quintessential dip. Simple, elegant and delicious. Jennie’s Crabmeat Dip Here’s how to prepare it. Read more…