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My Sore Eyes are Teaching Me to Slow Down

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A current bout with sore eyes is teaching me to slow down.

On the day after I was diagnosed with sore eyes, I felt very, very, very tired. I was tired of all the traveling time from my home to work, which is a 2 1/2 hour trip — and that’s only one way. I felt the tiredness in my bones. I felt the tiredness of budgeting and chasing deadlines in my muscles. I felt my resistance go down. It took a bout of sore eyes to make me realize that I was really, really, really tired. Read more…

The unquestioned life could be worth living!

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I subscribe to Globe’s HerInspiration, and they send out daily doses of inspiration like this one. I loved this particular message. I forwarded this quote to about all my friends last night: “There are times we have so many questions and seem to have no answers. The answers will soon come. Enjoy life’s little surprises.” […] Read more…