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What have you stopped doing together since you got married?

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Is there any activity you and your partner stopped doing together when you got married? The type of activity you loved to do during dates, but found yourself not doing enough of when you were husband and wife?

I was in for a surprise one day when my husband and I found ourselves with an hour to kill. I suggested we go to a coffee shop. He suggested something else. Read more…

Love is all you need

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Love is all you need

{I keep this heart in my bag and bring it with me everywhere I go!}Love is all you need whether the task is big or small. It’s a beautiful reminder for the everyday things we do in a marriage. I read this article once that predictability helps make a blooming relationship thrive. The two of […] Read more…

A Wife’s Prayer for Her Husband

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This wife’s prayer for her husband is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, Unveiled Wife, for sharing this! How often do you pray for your husbands? Do you have any prayers that you’d like to share? Come leave it in the comments section! Read more…

How to grow old

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What’s life like when you’re 90 years old? What will the world be like roughly 30 years from now, when I turn 90? Growing old freaks me out a little bit. Having to depend on others to walk you to the bathroom, having someone else cut up your food to eat, experiencing a weakening of […] Read more…