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Scrambled Eggs with Mayonnaise: More for me!

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Scrambled eggs with mayonnaise is a little indulgence I have. I usually like my eggs sunny side up, but there are times when I just have a craving for this little dish. My husband’s a big fan of scrambled eggs, so I surprised him with my ‘mayofied’ scrambled eggs. Doesn’t it look pretty? A little […] Read more…

Quick and Easy Eggs Florentine

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Want a quick and easy breakfast? Try this quick and easy Eggs Florentine recipe! It takes only 10 minutes to prep and cook everything. Really! It’ll take even less than that for the whole family to gobble this dish down. 😉 {SUPER easy peasy breakfast!} What you’ll need: 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil 1 Onion, chopped […] Read more…