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Just Keep Reading

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My one-year-old bookworm. One of my favorite pictures of my son.

There’s one thing I don’t deny my son of — reading time. I can deny him of snacks (“Enough chocolate for the day!”), of toys (“You have enough Cars characters already.”). But when it comes to books, I find it very hard to say no. Read more…

Fully booked: A love affair with books

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These are twelve signs you’re a book lover: 1. You’d rather read a book than make small talk. 2. If you make small talk, it’s about a book. 3. Your heart breaks a little bit when a good book ends. 4. When that good book ends, you let the book linger in your arms and […] Read more…

Raising a bookworm

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Raising a bookworm? This is what happens! On a car ride home with my sister: Timmy: Book! (Pointing out the window) My sister: Where? Timmy: There! (Pointing at the giant Globe Facebook ad outside Trinoma) Ninang: Ah ok. That’s Facebook. Timmy: B-O-O-K spells book! Facebook… Let’s go Facebook! He thought it was a bookstore! He […] Read more…