There’s a video I want to share with you. How do I upload one on the net so you can see it? Help!


My friend B emailed me yesterday and part of her note went, “I really admire you……for your simplicity and maturity…but most of all, for embracing love and life quietly but passionately.” That made me feel warm all over. That is a lesson I’d also like to share with you. You can celebrate life in your own little way, even if it’s in small, quiet ways, like I do.

I’m turning 27 in around a month’s time (July 30). 27. I can’t believe a quarter of my life has flown by so fast. It’s been a wonderful 26 years really. I’ve been through so many heartaches, hardship and troubles, but I’ve had my share of laughter, success and celebrations. Life is good. Life is always good.

This brings to mind another question: If you didn’t know how old you were, how old do you think you’d be?

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