Do you have a theme song, like Ally McBeal? The type of song you sing over and over in your head to make you feel better, to put a bounce in your step, to get you back on track? I don’t. I do have a mantra though, and it’s worked for me.

Warrior’s stance, shield and lance. The grace and the charm of a maiden.

I say that over and over in my head when I’m faced with a difficult situation. I’ve used that for a job interview, for a difficult presentation, even just plain walking down a street. I find that I start walking with my chin up and shoulders back. I feel strong and feminine at the same time.

I made that mantra up. I combined strength and grace in a mantra because that’s what I usually need. I feel more powerful after that.

Try it yourself. Think of one, two or three things that will make you feel more powerful, or if you want it the other way, that will make you feel at peace. They can be one and the same, or you can have different mantras for different moods of yours. I like mine because I can apply it to any situation.

Feel free to use my mantra. I wanted to share it with you. Grrrl power rules.

All together now, ommmmmm…..

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