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Have Yourself a Bookish Little Christmas Tree

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Every Christmas we go for themed decorations at home. They’ve mostly centered around colors, and once we went Victorian. We wanted something different this year though without having to spend on new decorations. One thing our family enjoys doing (individually and together) is read. And so the theme “Bookish Christmas” was born! Here’s our Christmas […] Read more…

New year’s resolutions of a work-at-home Mom

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It’s been a year since I stopped working corporate and embraced work-at-home motherhood. Has it been everything I ever dreamed of? Almost. Has it been more difficult than I thought it would be? Definitely. My career path for 2012 still has WAHM written all over it, but to make it is more productive and efficient, […] Read more…

Sound effects for your New Year from the DOH

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Firecrackers scare the hell out of me. I think it goes back to seeing an uncle almost getting burned by a fireworks fountain that wouldn’t light. The cone kept toppling over, and he would keep reaching forward to make it stand. On his last attempt to make the cone stable, the fountain shot fireworks into […] Read more…

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